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Store Management
Advertise your products online by adding a store to your website. Watch the video below to learn how:

Setting Up PayPal Payments

Enter your PayPal account email on the main website edit page:

Shipping Charges

There are several ways to accomplish shipping charges.

Use the flat shipping

This alone can be entered and is passed to PayPal to add to overall charges. There is no region-based rate associated with this cost.

Setup PayPal Shipping Options

If you need different shipping costs based on regions and/or weight, they need to be setup in PayPal.
Shipping options can be setup in PayPal using this link:

Instructions for setting up the PayPal shipping calculator are here:

Custom PayPal Buttons

Use only if you need to use Inventory Tracking in PayPal
Within your PayPal account, you can setup custom buttons to assign to your store item to specify shipping costs.
Instructions for setting up custom per-item buttons are here: